181 Martel Presents: HURLEY

50.3 million apparel inpatient surjical procedures were performed in the United States during 2005, followed closely by 41.5 million apparel outpatient surjuries with an estimated 80.8 million undocumented apparel surjuries globally.

Welcome to SURJURY.

The thread that runs throughout our collections re-enforcing it’s surjical reconstruction is our sound belief and personal passion for the lifestyle and integrity of the original brands we operate on here at SURJURY. 

We operate for the future.

What will live and what will die...Our Verdict... You decide...

SURJURY has just admitted Hurley the SOCAL youth brand known for is innovative and free spirited approach to the surf, skate, music and art cultures for some specialized surjical reconstruction. 

The Surjury/Hurley collection will be exclusively available at 181  Martel.

Please join us on August 5th, 2006 @ 181 Martel in Los Angeles to view the highly anticipated collection.


181 N. Martel

Los Angeles, 90036

Mon - Sat 11am - 6pm